Brilliant Blooms: Maison Des Fleurs

Let beauty, elegance and perfection illuminate your wedding with Maison Des Fleurs!

Celebrating its 1st anniversary this month, Maison Des Fleurs was established as a franchise in the Kingdom of Bahrain, on the 1st October 2016. The prestigious floral design company has added another luxury brand to the growing portfolio of Noor Enterprises Holding.

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What kind of services does Maison des Fleurs offer for weddings?

Maison Des Fleur offers a full scale of floral design services at the hands of a highly experienced team. The team presents the prospective client with a full proposal offering a broad spectrum of options based on the client’s requirements and vision.  From mood boards to installation and styling, including giveaways and custom boxes, Maison Des Fleurs offers luxuriously themed arrangements from design to execution. The objective is to commemorate this special event with the highest of standards.


Where do you get inspiration for your designs?

Embracing a philosophy of excellence, Maison des Fleurs designs for the classic bride with a modern approach in mind. Specifically, the inspiration behind Maison des Fleurs is derived from French roots, which embrace bright colors and seasonal flowers.

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Where are the flowers sourced from?

 Maison des Fleurs flowers come from all over the world. Flowers are mostly sourced directly from its producers, from Holland to Kenya to Malaysia and more. Depending on the season and flower type, the origin will vary.

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What should couples consider when deciding on flowers?

Each bouquet declares a profound expression.  Apart from determining the wedding theme, seasons and colors, one of the major factors to consider is the wedding venue. The flower palette and style has to be aligned with the venue’s interior and ambiance. The design must be in tune with the lightings, linens, chairs, place settings, to name a few details. Moreover, the Maison Des Fleurs team is trained to offer innovative options during the decision making process. Understanding our clients and their needs has been key in our success with weddings specifically and special occasions in general.


Tell us more about Maison des Fleurs, what makes it stand out from other floral design companies in Bahrain?

Maison Des Fleurs boasts a range of products and services including weekly luxury flower deliveries and installations for offices, hotels and residences. At Maison des Fleurs, the tradition of know-how and elegance remains intact and is preciously transmitted by our highly professional team whose imagination and ability are unmatched.


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