Bahrain National Day, Features - December 13, 2023

#BH52: Waterfront Lifestyles and Stylish Homes – A Look At Bahrain’s Luxury Developments


In the heart of Manama, Bahrain Marina connects major hubs in the city to a waterfront mixed-use property. The residences focus on aesthetics and comfort, giving a modern lifestyle feel. The property also features a five-star hotel with a private beach and the members-only Marina Club that provides exclusive access to networking opportunities in an elegant lounge.

Take a stroll through the promenade, shop at your favourite outlets, explore a variety of dining options, and when you want a relaxing day in, gaze at the lagoon or cityscape right on the other side of your living room’s window. Regarding luxury living, the sheer number of properties in Bahrain will surprise you.

Over the years, Bahrain’s real estate market has grown, increasing investment opportunities and the growth of residential and mixed-use luxury developments that are focused on leisure, education, entertainment, and preventive healthcare, all in one location. Bahrain has emerged as a highly competitive destination in the global real estate marketplace.

Cityscape Intelligence reports that the Kingdom’s recently launched Golden Visa (2022) has improved the possibilities of attracting prospective and existing expatriate property investors to plan real estate investments in the Kingdom. With the formation of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) in 2018, which set out rules and mandated licenses, investments have further blossomed.

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