Besamé’s New Vintage Mermaid Collection Is Inspired By Our Favorite Scene From Disney’s Peter Pan

In a time when so many brands are looking toward the future, Besamé Cosmetics has always turned toward the past — and that’s a compliment. The brand pulls inspiration from vintage makeup and turns out classic, timeless products that look like replicas of makeup from eras past. Besamé Cosmetics’ latest is Disney Peter Pan Mermaid Lagoon: A 1953 Collection, a range of products for lovers of classic Disney and mermaid-inspired beauty.

As PopSugar reports, Disney Peter Pan Mermaid Lagoon: A 1953 Collection features eight products, all inspired by one of the best scenes in Disney’s animated Peter Pan. The products feature seashell compacts, starfish-printed lipstick bullets, and a fragrance bottle shaped like a teeny tiny mermaid. Best of all, according to PopSugar, shade inspiration comes from the real paint colors used in animating the film.

Product names are also based on classic Disney moments. We’ve got an eight-pan eye shadow palette named “Treasures of the Lagoon Shadow Palette” ($48), featuring Disney bright shades like shimmery aquamarine and a red the exact shade of Ariel’s hair. Next up are the two compacts — one bronzer and one “shimmer” (aka a highlighter) — both shaped like treasures of the sea. Not only are the compacts themselves ($38 each) shell-shaped, but the mini mirrors inside are also shells. Just like in a Disney movie, the closer you look, the cuter the details.

The collection also features three lipstick shades, each $24. Mermaid Kiss is a sheer shimmery white, Waterlily Blossom is a classic red, and Starfish Pink is a deep, brown-tinged pink. Finally, we’ve got a mermaid-shaped perfume bottle which holds the brand’s first-ever fragrance. The scent is named Waterfall Mist, which we can only hope means it’ll smell like a refreshing waterfall.

As we all know, Disney fans and beauty fans are both fanatics — so when a collection launches that brings the two together, you better jump on it quickly. Besamé’s Disney Peter Pan Mermaid Lagoon: A 1953 Collection launches November 5 on

From Allure.