Bahrain will activate the ‘Green Alert Level’ from 16 July

The National Medical Taskforce for Combatting the Coronavirus (COVID-19) today announced that Bahrain will adopt the Green Alert Level on Friday 16 July 2021, following a review of the average COVID-19 positivity rates and approval by the Government Executive Committee.

Bahrain will adopt the Orange Alert Level during the Arafat and Eid Al-Adha holidays, starting from 19 July to 22 July 2021. This is in line with the previous announcement that some dates will be designated a higher alert level in the interest of public health and safety.

Average COVID-19 positivity rates will again be reviewed following the Eid Al-Adha holidays, on 23 July, to determine the alert level.

The Taskforce emphasised the importance of following preventive measures and procedures throughout the Arafah and Eid Al-Adha holidays.