Bahrain Summer Festival: List of interesting workshops to try

The 13th edition of the Bahrain Summer Festival is back for an entire month with a diverse selection of online events and activities inviting you to join the cultural movement this summer – with a click of a button from the safety of your homes!

From the 1st until the 31st of July, 2021, the Bahrain Summer returns to showcase the connective force of culture and the arts, and continues to highlight local and regional family-friendly events with something special for seekers of joy and fun of every age.

July 3
Basics of Short Story Writing
Time: 4PM

In collaboration with Cartoon Planet, Ms. Maryam Ali Abu Alfateh, Managing Director of the Young Authors for Education and Training, Editor of the “Young Authors’ Stories” series, presents the first of a series of short story writing workshops during which children will learn the concept of a short story, its fundamentals and creative ways of writing them.

July 4
Short Story Development and Character Building
Time: 4PM

Bahraini writer Hussain Khalil, author of “Gilgamesh Again”, “Fast Walk” and “WiFi in the Dessert”, present the second workshop of the short story writing series, teaching children the skill of developing short story ideas and character building.

July 5
Drawing Short Story Characters
Time: 4PM

Bahraini artist Mohamed Almahdi, founder of Cartoon Planet and the founder of “Artists for a Cause” program, present the third workshop of the short story writing series, helping children develop their artistic skills in drawing their short story characters.

July 6
Short Story Design and Printing
Time: 4PM

Bahraini artist Mohamed Almahdi, founder of Cartoon Planet and the founder of “Artists for a Cause” program, children will learn the steps of the publication and print process during this final short story writing workshop.

July 9
Tony Memmel Musical Workshop
Time: 5PM

Tony Memmel hosts a music workshop in which he encourages resilience, grit, and overcoming adversity while breaking down the methods and culture behind American folk music.

July 11
Hyperrealism Art Using Charcoal and Graphite
Time: 5PM

This workshop offers a step-by-step guide on the fundamentals of hyperrealistic art. Participants will learn the materials used to achieve this artistic technique in creating lifelike images.

July 14
Coffee Art
Time: 5PM

Participants will discover a unique and creative art form, painting on canvases using coffee, along with a demonstration on its proper techniques.

July 16
Mixed Media Art
Time: 5PM

All kids participating in this workshop will learn how to create artworks using mixed mediums available at home like paper, farm, masking tapes, combs and other ordinary materials.

Find all performances, shows and workshops on Bahrain Summer Festival’s YouTube channel.