Bahrain: Strong Winds, Thundery Showers Expected

Bahrain forecasts a cool and cloudy day with scattered rain showers that may become thundery at times.

The Meteorological Department has urged the public to exercise caution as NW’ly winds are expected to affect the Kingdom reaching strong at time later tonight causing rough seas.

Warning: Strong winds and thundery showers with very strong gusts

Temperatures: Maximum 19 degrees Celsius and minimum 15 degrees Celsius.

Humidity: Maximum 90% and minimum 30%

Sea waves: 1 to 3 feet inshore, 3 to 6 feet offshore, rising up to 8 feet during gusts.

Tides at Mina Salman: High at 4:02 am and 5:11 pm; low at 10:28 pm and 10:47 am

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