Bahrain International Music Festival: Gypsy music in the spotlight

When the Gipsy Kings made headlines with their self-titled third album, featuring the hits, people called them gods on guitars. Immersing Bahrain yesterday in that charming Spanish flamenco was one of the Reyes brothers, Mario Reyes.

The Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities (BACA) is celebrating the annual Bahrain International Music Festival under the slogan ‘Dilmun: Land of Density from October 22 to 31.

The 29th edition of this festival combines the artistry of creative minds from all around the globe, showcasing different musical styles, genres, folk arts and more. 

The performance at the Qal’at al-Bahrain (Bahrain Fort) car park, amid Covid-19 situation, was enjoyed by a lucky few staying within the bounds of their parked cars. However, many thousands enjoyed the same from the comfort of their homes through the Authority’s “CultureBah” YouTube channel.

Performance of Mohammed bin Faris Band is the next in line. The traditional folklore style performance will happen on Tuesday at Bahrain Fort Site Museum. Entry is free. fans will have to watch the festival’s musical shows, to start at 8 pm, from their cars, and listen to them from their radios (FM 98.4). A maximum of four people will be allowed in one car. They will also be required to stay in their cars, respect distancing between cars, and wear masks should they speak to the organisers. The concerts will also be broadcast live on two radio waves (98.4 FM) and (95 FM) and on BACA’s YouTube channel. They will also be recorded and broadcast later on Bahrain TV.

The festival features a variety of events, including musical evenings and concerts from countries around the world, in addition to specialised workshops hosted by the Flexible Theatre at the Bahrain National Theatre between October 25 and 28.