Through the Lens

Inside the mind of Bahraini documentary and travel photographer, Rasha Yousif.


What motivates you to get up in the morning?

My passion for photography and to see the world.

You have traveled a lot of places and took many photographs during your course of work. What makes Bahrain different from the places you have captured?

Bahrain is a very diverse and culturally rich. Coming from a traditional background and living through the traditions of Muharraq made me appreciate cultural diversity. I love documenting traditions and would love to work on a project documenting Bahraini culture.



What does photography mean to you?  What first drew you to take photos?

Through Photography I express my emotions and it is where I forget all of my worries stress and focus on the small and beautiful things. It also keeps my creativity flame alive as I always try to challenge myself to do better and improve myself

While taking a photo, how important is It for you to connect with your subjects?

A photograph with a story showing rapport in a clean composition is a good photograph. The stronger the emotions you show the stronger is the photograph. You cannot get real expressions till you connect with subjects.



Do you have a favourite photograph? If yes, can you tell us what is it?

 I have few favourite ones. Portraits are my favorite photos and I also like street photos as they transform me to that exact time and place.


Which part of Bahrain is your favourite and why?

 Muharraq. I grew up and live there and it is where I feel at home.



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