Back on the Move Osteopathy branches out with new healthcare outlets

Back on the Move has long been a centre for integrated healthcare. That concept has seen Back on the Move work closely with various clinics and healthcare centres in a quest for integration in healthcare, referring patients to physiotherapy, specialised massage such as reflexology, cranial sacral and other modalities, providing therapy that complements the other form.

A new venture from Back on the Move, ‘BeRehab’ has recently opened in the Zallaq Springs complex. It offers a blend of Osteopathy and Physiotherapy together with remedial massage.

“BeRehab offers a very solid range of treatment services through its integrated approach,” explains Lana Peters, “it’s located further to the south of Bahrain with easy access from Riffa, Hamad Town and local areas. In fact, the motorway down to the BIC means you can get there in about 15 minutes from Seef”.

Based in Zallaq, BeRehab offers its services to a growing number of nearby athletes involved in competitive sports from triathlon to cycling.

“Athletes train for events in order to be competitive but also, importantly, to prevent injury. It’s long been recognised that prevention is better than cure,” says Lana. “We have always advised our patients and clients on the small steps to take for better lifestyle and injury prevention is a big factor in that.”

A logical step in injury prevention has now seen the establishment of another new service that fully complements the holistic approach to health and wellbeing. ‘GoBe Fitted’ has now opened at Zallaq Springs. In participation with Trilife, it offers a new service for athletes, triathletes and cyclists – to take the opportunity to be physically assessed for sporting performance. This means identifying individual weaknesses, imbalances and strengths and to resolve any physical issues that would affect performance or contribute to potential injury.

Additional to physical assessment, GoBe Fitted offers highly technical, running analysis together with custom fitting for cyclists or triathletes, aiming to analyse body dynamics and ‘fit’ a client to his/her machine seamlessly for optimum performance and endurance

With a growing awareness of such sports, and a growing number of participants, GoBe Fitted has the capability to significantly reduce injury risk and increase personal performance, in line with the Kingdom’s objectives to enhance sporting activity and international events.