Back on the Move Osteopathy: A Passion for People and Place

Lana Peters is the well-known face of Bahrain’s first Osteopathy Centre, with a fiery commitment to her clinic, ‘Back on the Move’, and to the advancement of integrated healthcare and complementary therapies in Bahrain. Lana grew up in Bahrain and, from an early age, developed a love for this country. “I spent the most impressionable years of my life here, which is why I feel so connected to this land and its people’’ she says.

Lana gained her Osteopathic qualification (DO,ND) at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine, in 1984 and gained a BSc(hons.) in Osteopathic Medicine at the University of Westminster in 1997 in Australia. In addition, she holds a Graduate Diploma in Animal Chiropractic. She has been self-employed as an osteopath, practicing in the United Kingdom, Australia and now in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
In 2013, she founded Back on the Move with a mandate to improve the lives of Bahraini citizens and expatriates from all walks of life and was committed to bring awareness and a holistic view towards health and wellbeing. She is passionate about integrating her form of therapy with others such as physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture and more.

Lana explains. “I see a future where mainstream medicine embraces every recognised form of complementary therapy, bringing collaboration and integration that alters a better health model for Bahrain”.

Lana has particular expertise in sports healthcare and has been involved with the treatment of national and state level athletes for over a decade. Her former experience in Bahrain included practice at the American Mission Hospital and the National Sports Institute as an Osteopath back in the 1980’s.  Fast forward to today: Back on the Move has developed a solid reputation throughout the Bahraini community. Lana attributes much of this to the support and guidance of the Kingdom’s NHRA, and due to this she embraces every opportunity to promote the Country and her craft.

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In 2016, she was invited to attend the Asia Pacific Conference of Osteopathic Medicine (APCOM) as part of South Korea’s annual International Integrative Medicine Expo held in Jangheung since 2010. Through this, Bahrain has been recognised internationally as an Osteopathy and Integrated Healthcare approved country, an aspect that contributes to the Kingdom’s initiatives in becoming a reputed centre for healthcare in the Middle East.

Besides many other events, Back on the Move attended the Emirates Osteopathic Conference in Dubai in February 2018. Themed “Osteopathy across the Lifespan” it was the first of its kind to be organized in the Middle East, hosted under the patronage of the Emirates Medical Association.

A junior Entrepreneurs’ Organisation, Bahrain Chapter, member, Lana is proud to support the Kingdom’s sporting events. “Together with our partners, Physio Relief we’ve supported the IronMan Bahrain event down in Sakhir for the last two years, providing osteopathy, physiotherapy and massage to hundreds of competitors”. She adds, “My involvement with EO has helped me to focus my passion and to embrace opportunity – not just to advance causes that I believe in, or my own clinic, but to actively give back to the community that we all share. The aim is to embrace the concept of prevention, management and maintenance of health”.

Well-known by hospitals, clinics and the wider medical practices of Bahrain, Back on the Move has become a driving force in the recognition of truly integrated healthcare with increasing referrals and collaboration – a positive for all.

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