Back on the Move Osteopathy: An Integrated Revolution

For the longest time, healthcare was limited to a visit to the GP and complains were often solved with prescriptions or ‘over the counter’ drugs.  The medical world has been changing – increased awareness about the over use of medication has created an environment where health issues are being scrutinised and other avenues are being explored.

And that means an opening up of consciousness to a wider range of health care practices including an adoption of different modalities that were once thought of as ‘alternative’ but believed as complimentary or allied.

Beyond Bahrain, the advantages of so-called ‘alternative’ health care practices have long been discussed and absorbed into the mainstream, but this has only been a recent move within the Kingdom. Thanks in no small part to Bahrain’s National Health Regulatory Authority, complementary health care has been endorsed and promoted over recent years, to the significant benefit of our country’s people, who now enjoy choice.

Lana Peters, the founder of ‘Back on the Move Osteopathy’ is proud of just how far Bahrain has come in embracing different modalities of healthcare in just a few short years.

“I have always been a firm believer in the benefits of complementary therapy”, she explains. “As an Osteopath practicing for more years than I care to admit, I have seen the positive benefits that not just my profession brings, but also that of many other therapies. It is enlightening that we are witnessing a revolution in Bahrain – one that embraces healthcare diversity and allows an ever greater range of practice.”


“We established our clinic with solid support from the NHRA some years ago and I’m proud that we now treat mostly Bahraini nationals who have embraced the concept of a drug-free preventative care, manual medicine which focuses on total body health by treating and strengthening the muscular-skeletal framework”.

With a professional staff of more than ten, Back on the Move’s holistic approach to healthcare offers osteopathy treatment together with chiropractic, therapeutic massage, pregnancy, fertility and menstrual massage, lymphatic drainage, cranial sacral therapy, fitness and postural correction coaching to provide an integrated solution for people with sports injuries, arthritis and mobility issues and more.

“We work in a totally integrated way”, Lana explains. “Rather than being isolated in our own modalities, we refer and consult with hospitals and GPs to provide an integrated healthcare solution for our clients, in order to create the best possible outcomes for all”.

It doesn’t stop there. Not content with the massive strides achieved over the past few years, Lana Peters has created a new outlet for healthcare: Working in partnership with Eyad Fareed principal of ‘Physio Relief’, a new practice has gained NHRA approval.

Revolution starts with just one or two like-minded people, but to become accepted it has to attract the mind-set of the masses. Integrated healthcare in the Kingdom of Bahrain has achieved just that and more. As testimony to the foresight of Bahrain’s health authorities and the community, the revolution is over and integrated healthcare is now considered mainstream.



Services we offer
Lymphatic Drainage
Cranial sacral therapy
Therapeutic Massage therapy
Pregnancy, fertility and menstruation massage
Rehab, fitness and posture correction coaching
Sports massage