Art Hubs: 51 Great Things About Bahrain

#42 Art Hubs in Bahrain

Art plays a big role in bringing the community together in Bahrain. Whether it’s a hobby practice or a gallery that showcases professional artistry, there are a number of art hubs on the island that have become integral to empowering talent in Bahrain.

Bahrain Art Academy

Providing a creative environment for individuals to express themselves through art, the Bahrain Art Academy hosts a number of interesting and engaging workshops and events for children and adults. Creatives are given the opportunity to explore different styles of art varying from drawing and painting, ceramics, resin, and even NFT painting.

Al Riwaq Art Space

The Al Riwaq Artspace, founded in 1998, is a non-profit arts organization dedicated to supporting and promoting contemporary art and design practices in the Kingdom. It is also the first gallery to have a video art installation. It has a number of exciting programs to complement the learning process including exhibitions, workshops, performances, talks, film screenings, and more.

Artly Bahrain

Artly’s main mission is to spark creativity and exploration through art classes, exhibitions, and experiences. They aim to help individuals of all ages create their own journeys of creative discovery and development. They host a series of classes and workshops throughout the year to further inspire creatives in their pursuit.


Representing passion, colour, expression, and art – Artology Bahrain understands that all artists have different ways of expressing themselves. This art studio aims to provide a fun-loving space for creatives to encourage expression with different mediums, colours, and techniques, and enjoy the process. They host a series of workshops, classes, and talks.

Passion Art

Passion Art is an art gallery and studio that promotes creativity and inspires a culture where people can express themselves. They seek to cultivate the arts by giving artists a space where they can tap into their creativity, inspiring them to create their own works. Enthusiasts can also purchase art that is exhibited at the gallery. They host art classes and painting sessions for children and adults.

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