Samsung Galaxy Watch3 Titanium is coming to Bahrain!

Samsung Gulf Electronics announced today that the Galaxy Watch3 Titanium, the latest model of the innovative smartwatch that has enjoyed commercial and critical success, is now available for purchase across Bahrain. Comprising state-of-the-art health and wellness features that ensure the product serves as a perfect lifestyle partner, the Galaxy Watch3 is a must-have for health and fitness enthusiasts and those seeking to be more productive personally and professionally. The Galaxy Watch3 Titanium has every feature of the device released just last month, but offers an additional, alternative, and attractive color option to elevate style even further.

Galaxy Watch3 Titanium boasts all the craftsmanship of a luxury timepiece and provides absolute comfort while wearing. Sporting a timeless design, this watch is built with premium materials, which will only add to the upcoming edition’s look and feel. In terms of fitness, running analysis offers real-time feedback during runs, as well as six-factor post-workout reports, which help improve form, boost performance, and reduce injury. Cardio progress can be tracked on the go, with easy access to VO2 max readings and insight into one’s oxygen uptake. Additionally, seamless compatibility between the Galaxy Watch3 and other Galaxy devices amplifies mobile experiences. Consumers can set automatic reply options for both messages and images, and easily view emoticons and photos directly from their wrist.

The Galaxy Watch3 Titanium will be available for purchase from the Samsung e-store on September 10, followed by all Samsung brand stores and major retailers on September 24. 

The Galaxy Watch3 Titanium will be available for purchase across Samsung brand stores and major retailers in Bahrain for BHD 233.90.