Bahrain is abundant with experiences all throughout the holy month of Ramadan. Just recently, we had the chance to try Hilton Garden Inn Bahrain Bay’s Iftar.

Nestled in the heart of Bahrain Bay and directly connected to The Avenues Mall, the Hilton Garden Inn offers unrivalled proximity to Bahrain’s bustling business district and prime shopping areas. This Ramadan, the luxury hotel is serving wonderful culinary delights for groups and individuals.

Hilton Garden Inn’s Iftar takes place at Together & Co – a spacious casual bistro featuring modern interiors and aesthetically pleasing décor. Upon arrival, we were warmly greeted by the restaurant staff and guided to our table which boasted a stunning bay view.

Unlike other Iftars, Hilton Garden Inn’s spread is more curated, making it easier to explore. We’ve had an enjoyable time discovering each dish displayed at the stations because we weren’t overwhelmed – which sometimes happens when we go for Iftars and Ghabgas. 

There was a fine selection of cold and hot mezze, mains and desserts. It is worth noting that all of the food that we tried during the Iftar was big on flavour. We loved how each one was perfectly seasoned, fresh, and tasty! 

There was also a station for fresh juices and Arabic drinks such as vividly hued tamarind juice, laban and Vimto. 

Hilton Garden Inn’s Iftar is priced at BD13++ and is available from sunset to 8PM. Meanwhile, their Ghabga which takes place at the hotel’s pool terrace is priced at BD17++ and is available from 9PM to midnight.

What are you waiting for? Embrace the essence of family and friendship and the finest culinary treats of Ramadan at Hilton Garden Inn Bahrain Bay!


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