One of the Biggest US Retailers is Launching a Line of Hijabs and Abayas

Macy’s, one of the leading retailers in the United States, announced that it will be launching its very own line of hijabs. The news coincided with World Hijab Day, which was on February 1st.

The Huffington Post reveals that the department store has joined forces with modest womenswear brand, Verona Collection, on a conservative fashion line, that will include headscarves, loose clothing, as well as abayas. It is the first time a major American retailer has collaborated with a modest brand to cater specifically towards the Muslim market. The collection is set to hit shelves on February 15, with prices that range from US13 to US85.


In a statement, founder of Verona Collection Lisa Vogl (who converted to Islam in 2011) says “Verona Collection is more than a clothing brand. It’s a platform for a community of women to express their personal identity and embrace fashion that makes them feel confident on the inside and outside.”

According to a report by Thomson Reuters, Muslim shoppers are expected to spend US464 billion on fashion and US73 billion on cosmetics globally by 2019. In light of this boom, such brands as DKNY, Oscar de la Renta, American Eagle, Tommy Hilfiger, Mango, and more have produced one-off collections (often sold around Ramadan) to appeal to the growing Muslim market, but the stats prove that the Muslim shopper is keen for modest, luxury goods all year round. This is why brands have began to incorporate modest-wear into their every day range. Nike has recently unveiled it’s award-winning Nike Pro Hijab for Muslim athletes, meanwhile, major beauty corporations such as L’Oréal chose a hijab-wearing beauty blogger to star in its campaign.

Here’s to more inclusion for 2018.


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