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Fresh & Local: All You Need To Know About The Weekly Farmers’ Market at Gulf Suites Amwaj


Gulf Suites Amwaj is hosting a Farmers’ Market every Thursday and it’s all about bringing people closer to local vendors, talents, and fresh, homegrown produce. We got in touch with Salman Al Lulu, Sales and Marketing Manager at the Amwaj hotel to find out more about the Farmers’ Market and what’s in store for the community.

What can visitors expect to find at your farmers market?

Fresh & Local Farmers Market is a unique evening market concept that is going to be at Gulf Suites Hotel every Thursday from 4 PM to 10 PM. This market stands out because it provides a platform for Bahraini vendors and farmers, who are passionate about what they do, whether growing their produce or making homemade products, to showcase them to the residents of Amwaj. We also have an artist alley featuring Bahraini artists and craftsmen with their products.

The concept stems from two important aspects – Fresh and Local. The market will showcase fresh produce as well as fresh talents. The term ‘local’ emphasizes the market features of people from Bahrain. From local produce to everything available at the farmer’s market, is entirely homegrown –  Bahraini grown and Bahraini made.

Can you highlight some of the popular products that vendors are offering?

The vendors are offering homegrown produce, homemade spices, sweets, honey and many other healthy products. The artists’ alley will feature art done on wood, recycling products and craftsmen showcasing their products and work. 

What kind of opportunities are you creating for the farmers and artists participating in the market?

For the farmers that join, we will be developing a comprehensive strategy that outlines the opportunities available to them in the future. This involves identifying what they can produce and how they can contribute beautifully to the country. The selected farmers, driven by genuine passion, work from the heart. The hotel creates a platform for each farmer and artist, dedicating efforts to showcase and discuss their individual stories. This also involves creating a road map tailored for them to achieve, facilitating their journey towards achieving their goals in life.

Are there any additional attractions or activities available at the market?

We host Healing Nights every last Friday. During these events, three renowned speakers will engage in conversations with attendees, delving into topics relevant to stress management, unlocking the secret to happiness, and more.

Apart from this, the Market organises weekly Terrace Talks, which primarily focus on each farmer or vendor. They take their time to educate shoppers about their product, the cultivation process, and how to care for the products. Vendors involved in recycling or composting at home share insights on the importance of sustainability and composting, aiming to educate visitors on these aspects.

What steps are you taking to foster a sense of community and connection between the vendors and shoppers at the market?

Introducing this as an evening market provides an opportunity for families in and around Amwaj to pass by after work, buy products, and even spend time in the beautiful weather by the pool at Gulf Suites.

The market portrays a model for the Bahraini community in Amwaj, creating a hub for artists and farmers. It showcases how Bahrainis are moving ahead with their talents and passion to reach an audience beyond the central Manama markets. Farmers and vendors travel to Amwaj to share their talent with the residents.

Moreover, the terrace workshops are designed to inspire and educate the community and younger generation who engage with the market. The workshops serve as a model for young Bahrainis, introducing them to this type of farming and teaching them how to cultivate, create their art, and activate their inner value. These workshops aim to enhance their performance, whether in school or their career prospects.

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