You should definitely listen to this empowering podcast!

Leading PR and Design Firm, Obai and Hill, launched a subsidiary platform of the Women Power Summit, a podcast for ambitious women based in the MENA region with a global outreach, the Women Power Podcast by Wafa AlObaidat.

The Podcast was launched in April 2020, and each week it has honest, vulnerable, authentic conversations with inspiring women and these guests on the podcast share their experiences and stories on what it takes to build a successful business and career; whilst tackling relatable stories on growth and rising towards the individuals they are today. The podcast further shares insight and inspiration with the aim to support women in achieving their highest potential.

The Podcast aims to present successful female leaders in diverse fields; who will be highlighting partnerships at the workplace, emphasizing on communication and the forging of stronger relationships within teams and through the workplace.

The theme of each season of the Podcast revolves around ‘Inspiring Action and Leading Change’. Season 1 of the podcast featured renowned women like Hadley Gamble, Rana Salam, Alya Mooro, Deena Ansari and many more. These amazing women shared their insights on Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and persevering through hurdles that every woman is challenged with. They talk about fostering a sense of community and oneness and creating more impact by breaking barriers, recognizing their goals and achieving them. Season 2 included another round of trailblazing women like Zainab Salbi, Raha Moharrak, Farah Nabulsi, Marriam Mossalli who with their spirit and grit share their progressive stories! The Season 3 of the podcast was kick-started just last week and featured Kuwaiti Beauty influencer Fouz Al Fahad as the first guest.

Furthermore, the first edition of the Women Power Summit which is the primary platform of the podcast was launched in 2018 and aims to showcase opportunities for investments, partnerships and collaborations created by inspirational female entrepreneurs and investors. Their vision is to connect and empower women by providing them with access to networks and knowledge that can allow them to be innovative and succeed, by unleashing their power to create positive change. It is the largest congregation of women in the MENA region for this purpose.

This year, The Women Power Summit has adapted the approach of pivoting which is their word of the year, and due to the current situation has inaugurated a digital congregational platform called “The Women Digital Festival”. Through WDF, they celebrate the elegance of womanhood and all the strong women that have shaped their lives. At Women Digital Festival, they believe championing each other can be the catalyst for change. It will be held in November, of course digitally!

Wafa AlObaidat CEO of Obai and Hill, Founder of the Women Digital Festival (formerly known as Women Power Summit) and host of the Women Power Podcast, shares “The positive impact and efforts of driving change in the direction of women empowerment has been relentless and we’re truly grateful and thankful to all those who have supported us in making this platform what it is – a safe space for women to learn and lead their life with purpose”.

The Women Power Podcast has garnered more than 10k downloads and has published 32 episodes so far! The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Soundcloud and many other podcast platforms. The content produced is predominantly focused on inspirational storytelling, motivational pieces and actionable resources. According to EMNES, only 21% women are participating in the labour force in the MENA region. Investing in women will boost the growth of the economy as a whole. Hop on the bandwagon and expect to hear more treatful stories on personal struggles, entrepreneurship, womanhood and much more!

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