Trending - July 6, 2022

Wyndham Grand Manama Is Developing a Private Beach Along Bahrain Bay


Photo: Mr. Ahmed AlQaed (L), Founder and Managing Director of Ahmed AlQaed Group and Mr. Anwar Hajjar (R), Cluster Manager, Wyndham Grand Manama and Private Beach Project at the signing ceremony held by BTEA.

Wyndham Grand Manama will be developing a private beach at Bahrain Bay Beach Project, managed by BTEA, as part of a significant integrated tourism project. They intend to offer beach management services in conjunction with water recreation activities, covering the development, operation, and management of a 600 m long beach development located on the north side of Bahrain Bay along the north-eastern edge.

The project will encompass an alcohol-free, family-oriented beach club, including 17 food and beverage booths with indoor and outdoor seating, 150sqm each. In addition, it will also boast a 600 sqm restaurant, a 500 sqm indoor kids club, 12 family cabanas, an outdoor spa, a family waterpark, an Olympic pool, an outdoor event area, and a variety of retail shops leasing options that will boost the services in the area.

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