Wyndham Grand launches the first Himalayan salt Guestrooms in the World

Wyndham Grand Manama launches the first Himalayan therapy hotel guest room in the world!

The Himalayan room is first of its kind in the world that provides you with a unique relaxation experience that will give you with many health benefits. Europeans have discovered the benefits of Himalayan Salt Therapy since thousands of years and they have taken advantage of the various healing benefits that come from sitting in a salt-laden cave.

Wyndham Grand Manama which is located in the iconic Untied Tower, living up to its landmarks’ name and location is always on the lookout for innovative technologies and out-of-the-ordinary services to meet the expectations of its guests traveling around the world. who prefers environment friendly, health benefiting service providers that match their lifestyle.

Dry Salt Therapy is a natural and suitable treatment for all ages, studies have proven that Himalayan salt aid in reducing respiratory system diseases such as sinusitis and lung problems, gives a sounder sleep by clearing the airway and ensuring better breathing. It also helps healing skin and overall wellness.

The Himalayan salt is considered one of the purest types of sea salt and one of the best sources of minerals in their natural form. It contains 84 elements and trace elements including magnesium, potassium and calcium. It works to prevent bacterial infections during breathing and fights fungi and work on relaxing the nervous system, which contributes to the improvement of the immune system. Himalayan salt helps also in detoxifying the lungs & respiratory system and allow easy oxygen to flow to the brain which improves mental capacity and concentration. It also works on muscles relaxation, prevent dehydration, prevent reduction in blood pressure and salt rooms in general are known to make people happier, and healthier as around.

Wyndham Grand Manama invite you to experience the unique benefits of staying in the Himalayan Salt Room where the art of 800-million-year-old Himalayan salt wall is featured and lit with colour that helps you relax and enjoy a magnificent view of the Manama Skyline or the Arabian Gulf.