The worst thing about living in Juffair…

I live in Juffair. I like living in Juffair. Many of my friends live close by. There’s great places to eat, new Malls, supermarkets, and a cinema complex.

I like walking when it’s not too hot, but as a female it seems many males, always Arabs (just being honest) believe if they pull up while driving and ask you something stupid like; “hi, what’s your name?”, you will actually engage them in conversation
(and who knows what else). Others just stare at you like you’re a space alien.

We long ago adopted the term ‘man-children’ for men that mentally haven’t grown up. But such harassment prevents many women from walking alone.

But it gets worse. For over a year a growing number of selfish locals on motorbikes have used Juffair as their personal race circuit from around 10.30 pm till sometimes 4 am. Weekends are even worse.

Most of them obviously don’t have jobs to get up for, nor have any responsibility beyond their own selfish amusement, yet can afford powerful noisy motorbikes which they love to rev as loud as they can at 3am. They behave like spoilt children and care nothing that they are making life miserable for hundreds, if not thousands, of hard working people that have jobs and need to sleep.

I complained to the manager of my apartment block. He said others had also complained, that he’d repeatedly called the police, but they did nothing. I tried calling the police myself – he wasn’t kidding, they were not interested.

A couple I know with young children moved from Juffair because they couldn’t stand the noise any longer.

The police could stop these man-children in 24 hours if they wanted to. Introducing speed humps would also have a positive effect. Instead, nothing is done. why not?

At least things are currently quite as I guess it’s too hot for them, but I dread the cooler weather and the return of the selfish irresponsible man-children playing on their noisy grown-up toys.

Sarah is a British expat living in Bahrain. This is her first article for Bahrain Confidential.