A World of Wonders by Jotun

Jotun, the region’s leading paint manufacturer, invites everyone to immerse themselves into a wonderful world of colour, innocence and imagination with the launch of their latest colour collection for kids. Based on the theme ‘A World of Wonders,’ this collection explores boundless imagination and the unexplored fairy tales of children.


The new collection has been inspired by the most inspiring artists, inventors, explorers and dreamers of our times: Children. Three magnificent themes derived from the vivid imagination, unique opinions, mature advice and favourite colours of kids. Sky Rainbow, The Three Little Colours, and Dinosaurs & Lollipops are the themes crafted by interpreting and translating children’s stories into a fresh and delightful collection to decorate their rooms in ways that are as limitless as their imagination. The colours of the latest Kids Collection are essentially created by kids and curated by Jotun.

Rana Khadra, Colour and Creative Manager, Jotun, Middle East, India and Africa, said: “At Jotun, we believe a colourful room can be so inspiring to a child. We discovered How children become the best storytellers once you fuel their imagination. For them yellow is not just a colour. It is daffodils dancing in an open field, a builder’s hat blown by the wind, a big flying school bus and the belly of a busy bee. Perhaps, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much you can learn from a child. We certainly were. We listened to children’s lovely stories which became the inspiration behind our 3 wonderful themes.”

Behind all of the creative colours and stories, and making them come to life is Jotun’s Fenomastic Wonderwall. This innovative paint finish sustains its luxurious silky finish. While maintaining each of the imaginative colours vivid and accurate, this paint also offers superior washability and long-lasting appearance allowing kids to express their creativity and giving parents beautiful walls every day.

Each of the 3 themes of A World of Wonders is inspired by a true story of a child’s imagination:

Sky Rainbow:

The Sky Rainbow theme is comprised of sky-powdered blues, serene lilac pinks and fluffy cotton greens, all of which synergise perfectly with dreams of little angles. The theme is a story of seven beautiful sky colours, who as brothers and sisters, all lived peacefully together. Although living in harmony, the sky colours always wanted to know their true identity and meaning behind their colour, so they travelled to the Rainbow World to meet the King and Queen. ‘You are the most special colours. You are clouds and when you live happily together, you create the rainbow in the sky’ said the Rainbow King.

The Three Little Colours:

This palette is made of wild reds, deep ocean blues and calming teals to fit little boys with a wild spirit and the softest heart. A story of three little colours; Red, Blue and Teal, who are the greatest of friends. Designed to keep it playful for boys, the Three Little Colours theme can be used to divide walls into light and dark tones, all of the same shade. A little boy with a fiery spirit, who is wild and chaotic but owns the softest of hearts, forms a palette of wild reds, calming teals and deep ocean blues.

Dinosaurs and Lollipops:

Frequently used for wooden surfaces such as cupboards, chairs or shelves, the Dinosaurs and Lollipops collection pulls together a warm, wild and dreamy palette of purples, peaches and pinks. The theme takes inspiration from little girls who believe in magical lands, dream of dinosaurs and secretly wish they were the princess, to rule them all.