A Woman Empowered in Bahrain by Luna Hageali

In my youth, I don’t recall ever referring to the term empowerment in regards to my life at least.

Now you won’t go a day without hearing it on media channels. I’m a woman empowered living in Bahrain. A place where I got married, started a family, divorced, single parenting my daughter for 5 years now and opened my business consultancy.

The very catalysts that propelled me on my own journey to becoming whole and happy. I broke open saw what was inside, unlearned and had to let go of everything to rebuild my-self.  Struggle after struggle with limited or no support are in retrospect the curriculum that triggered me to break through those infamous internal firewalls.  You heard of these; lack of deservedness and not feeling you are enough.

Statistically, practically everyone feels this to some degree. Now becoming stronger and more confident my independence is ignited. I hold the responsibility and accountability for my own life. This is what empowers me.

To some degree this has to begin with how we see and feel about ourselves first, and then others (female or male). It is a very much an inside job. Sometimes, we don’t want go for an opportunity because of our conditioning, history, social heredity or our own firewalls.  For some, empowering beliefs have been planted since childhood, or not, while for others it remains dormant until a number of catalysts take their cue (life’s lessons or blessings) to trigger us to change. (mindset, actions and behaviors).

I’ m a passionate practitioner of Integrated empowerment. Consciousness for ‘Owning and Enabling” Self-Reliance and Increase in others. This has been my “purpose work” and way of life for many years.  It’s threaded through my daily actions and especially in my daughter.  If I speak any less empowering, she reminds me, only validating it’s been planted. She certainly is empowered. My attitude and perspective continue to evolve. It inspires within me greater expansion while enabling others in the highest good.

Share what makes you feel empowered and/or how you inspire others to be empowered.  luna@mastermindsalign.com


Luna Hageali is a certified Management Developer with 20+ years global experience of working with organizations and individuals to maximize their potential.
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