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Where to watch the Iftar cannon in Bahrain?


The month Ramadan is never complete without a unique set of customs, symbols, and traditions. Many of these symbols go back to the early Islamic era and are still witnessed and practiced to this day.

The Iftar Cannon “Madfa Al Iftar” is used day to notify people that it is time for Iftar. According to some researchers, at sunset on the first day of Ramadan in 865, Mamluk Sultan Khosh Qadam wanted to test a new cannon he had received. The first time it was fired coincided with the Maghrib prayer, leading locals to believe that the sound signaled the breaking of the fast. They welcomed the new practice, and the cannon was then fired each day of the blessed month.

This coincidental practice became a reliable sign for Muslims to break their fast as it spread to all Arab countries and became a significant part of Ramadan. Muslims have since then relied on the cannon shot as to break their fast as the sun sets. 

Here’s where you can watch the Iftar cannons in Bahrain:

The Avenues Bahrain

Arad Fort

Riffa Fort

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