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Where to Volunteer in Bahrain


Giving back has always been a part of community and culture. It’s been said that the best gift one can give to others is one’s time. While volunteer work can take several forms and serve various aspects of the organization, it also provides vital assistance to those in need, supports worthy causes, and even advocates for the necessary support to the entire community. 

Here are some places where you can volunteer at:

The Saturday Biryani Party With Workers

Saturday Biryani Party with Construction Workers is a weekly initiative that involves sharing Biryani meals with construction workers at their work sites. Since their inception in May 2015, they have shared approximately 7,000 complete biryani meals. It is a very modest attempt to raise community awareness about the working conditions of these people. 

Be a part of this initiative in any capacity you can by calling 39874541.


OneHeartBahrain is a society movement that represents the principles of Goodwill, also recognised as Love in Action. They seek to provide a channel for bringing more Unity into our lives, as well as practical opportunities for people to put the principles of Love in Action in collaboration with others.

To volunteer, head to their website: www.oneheartbahrain.com 

Dream Big

They work to foster public students’ love of the English language by breaking down the fear barrier and serving as a supportive and auxiliary source of learning.

You can sign up to be a volunteer through this link: www.dreambigbh.com/volunteers 


A small group of dedicated and passionate animal lovers founded the Bahrain Society for the Protection of Animals (BSPCA) in 1979.

Volunteers are welcome to come along and help on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday mornings at our Shelter in Askar. There are many tasks which the public can be involved with such as walking the dogs, grooming the cats, puppies or dogs, and socialising with the animals. Hours for volunteering are from 9am to 1pm.


Shamsaha employs high-impact, low-cost, internationally recognised solutions to assist women impacted by abuse and violence. 

You can be a women’s crisis advocate by attending a training. Check their website to know more: www.shamsaha.org 

Injaz Bahrain

INJAZ Bahrain is a non-profit organisation founded in 2005 as part of Junior Achievement Worldwide to empower young people to own their economic success and be ready for today’s business challenges. 

INJAZ Bahrain impacts thousands of students each year with the assistance of its partners and volunteers, bringing them similar to the actual world and going to open their minds to their own potential. Learn how to volunteer through their website: www.injazbh.org 

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