What’s new at Dadabhai Travel?

Bahrain Confidential talks to Dadabhai Travel’s Director, Adnan Gilitwala about what’s new, what’s next and what makes them the best.


What are the main highlights of Dadabhai Travel’s new office?

Since it was previously logistically challenging for everyone, we’ve taken all of Dadabhai’s different offices in Manama and centralized them into one premises. Having it centralized is definitely something that helped us professionally and operationally.


On another note, the whole restoration and refurnishing of Dadabhai’s new office add a very classy and comfortable look and feel; making our customers feel that they are taken care of and appreciated in the way that the company wants them to be appreciated.


From an aesthetic perspective, the main highlight would be the opening door. This essentially emphasizes the history and heritage of Bahrain in the form of the coin-based symbols. This great imposing door depicts the Dilmun civilization which is now the face of the company. Additionally, a restoration of a magnificent mosaic mural can be admired by the visitors at the reception area.

What services are you providing?

We provide every travel related service from A to Z. This includes corporate, retail and group travel as well as offshore and marine services, hotel and apartment booking, cruise and rail booking, and more. We also have a subsidiary inbound company which highlights Bahrain and caters to travelers coming to Bahrain.


As always, we ensure that each request and special need is accounted for and meticulously catered to. We pride ourselves on the delivering the highest level of service to both our guests that travel out of Bahrain and those of whom we bring in. We want to promote the country and show the world why Bahrain is everything people say it is and more.


What are you anticipating for the rest of the year?

I think that this year is going to be as challenging as the last year, if not more so. This is because of changes to the economy as well as the government policies in regards to spending (VAT implementation). I want to take this year to build, consolidate, refine and improve ourselves. My personal goal for 2019 is to build and solidify ourselves in anticipation of the next good year to come.


Through our years in service, we have established meaningful relationships in Bahrain; these relationships are the backbone of our company. I want people to know the reason why Dadabhai is consistently awarded as the top seller for airlines, hotel chains and more.


We don’t just operate as a business; we care. We want to reflect this though the services we provide. I would like to strengthen our reputation of being the leading travel agency in Bahrain.

What’s next for Dadabhai?

Constant growth and expansion, both regional and international. We have recently obtained Umrah and Hajj license and will soon establish offices in Mecca and Medina. The world is ours for the taking, we just need to keep pushing forward and growing as a company.


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