What To Watch On Netflix When You Need A Good Laugh

With an impressive slate of stand-up specials, sketch and improv series, new sitcoms, old favorites, and droves of original rom-coms, Netflix is chock full of comedy. But since scrolling for hours can wear out your funny bone, here are some suggestions for what to watch on Netflix when you simply must laugh.

No matter what kind of comedy you are looking for, there will be something that tickles your fancy.  Look no further than these knee-slapping picks.

Always Be My Maybe

For when you want to laugh and warm up your cold heart. The romantic comedy is legit, and Keanu Reeves (as himself) was not-so-secretly the breakout star.

Between Two Ferns: The Movie

If you want to laugh and keep your eyes peeled for major celebrity cameos, the Zach Galifianakis film spin-off film features Tessa Thompson, Benedict Cumberbatch, Jon Hamm, Awkwafina, Gal Gadot, John Cho… and more!

Big Mouth

If you’re into cringe comedy and have no shame about animation for grown-ups (and you shouldn’t, it rules) check out Nick Kroll’s awesome comedy about middle schoolers. And if that’s not entertaining enough, it’s also a who’s who of celebrity voice cameos.

BoJack Horseman

Speaking of offbeat animated comedies, why not check out this one? It has a huge following, has tons of episodes to keep you laughing, celebrity cameos like whoa, and is also surprisingly dark and moving for a cartoon sitcom.


All six seasons of the critically beloved sitcom are now on Netflix — fingers crossed that movie gets made next! (It’s an inside joke, but please watch the show so you’ll have more fun references to throw around.) Community has some of the sharpest pop culture parodies, incredible characters, meta commentary, and an oddly soothing theme song.

Derry Girls

Four friends in Northern Ireland navigate school, crushes, and family obligations while political turmoil rages around them. Plus, if you watch it, you’ll finally be able to get that one friend (she knows who she is) to stop begging you to watch it.

Someone Great

From the “one crazy night” school of comedy, Someone Great follows Gina Rodriguez as she tries to get over a break-up (with indie heartthrob Lakeith Stanfield, no less!) by going out on the town. Singalongs to Lizzo and Selena ensue.