What medical examination do I need to take to work in Bahrain?

In order to work legally in Bahrain, you will need a list of requirements endorsed by LMRA. One of the most crucial ones is the medical checkup. Health is a big priority for employers and all countries require a medical checkup for their expatriates.

For Bahrain’s requirements, you will first need to do a medical examination in your country of origin. LMRA has an approved list of approved GAMCA medical centres in your country you can check for on their website. If you can’t find one near you on the list, any medical centre is fine too as long as you attach a “Non GAMCA Medical Check Up Form” on your application.

There are numerous tests involved in the medical examination, like blood, urine, physical, mental and such. However, these medical centres offer the required tests in a bundle so you do not need to take it one by one. Simply inquire and they will present to you the package, the tests involved, and what you will need to provide. After taking the results and submitting it, you will then be given a visa to visit Bahrain.

Upon reaching Bahrain, you will be scheduled for another medical examination to be done within the country. This is similar to the one you took back home. The medical examination will be scheduled for you by the government and the results will be forwarded to your employer. Here are the medical examinations you will take in Bahrain according to the LMRA website:

  • Detailed comprehensive history, general and occupational.
  • Vital signs blood pressure, Visual activity, height and weight.
  • General medical examination.
  • Chest x-ray for all expats.
  • Serology Blood investigation including HCV, HIV, HbsAg and VDRL for all expats.
  • Certain test like color vision, audiometry and spirometry can be added for certain special group category (special risk group). Example: like pilots and ship captain needs color vision and audiometry. Audiometry is needed for those who will work in noise.
  • Biochemistry for liver and renal function.
  • Complete blood count.
  • Stool R/M and culture to role out salmonella and shegella.
  • Other tests like Hb and sugar and etc. can be ordered based on history and physical examination.

If you are still deciding or doubting whether you are physically fit for work. LMRA has an endorsed list of conditions that will consider you unfit to work. To save time and expenses, if you are aware you suffer from any of the conditions, it is better to physically get fit first before attempting to apply to work in Bahrain. Below is the list of the conditions:

A. Infectious

  1. HIV positive
  2. HbsAg positive
  3. HCV positive
  4. Tuberculosis any type:
    A. Pulmonary by chest X-ray showing active or past evidence of old T.B.
    B. Tuberculous pleural effusion.
    C. Tuberculous lymphadenitis.
  5. AFB (acid-fast bacilli) positive smear or culture.

B. Non-infectious

  1. Severe uncontrolled Hypertension
  2. Uncontrolled Diabetes mellitus
  3. Epilepsy
  4. Malignancy
  5. Renal failure
  6. Hepatic failure
  7. Congestive heart failure.
  8. Known case of cancer
  9. Psychiatric diseases
  10. Physical disability

Once you pass the medical examination within the country, congratulations! You are now an expatriate in Bahrain. As long as you maintain your health, you won’t have a problem the next time you’ll need to apply for a work visa.