What is the EQ-I 2.0 and Emotional Intelligence?

The Emotional Intelligence brings attention and focus towards inner selves and acquire more understanding and insight towards one’s social behavioral skills which impact how we see and express ourselves, communicate, make decisions and manage stress.

The EI has a direct and strong correlation with the productivity, creativity and innovation of the organization. Only in acquiring enough self-awareness, we can understand and take conscious steps towards self-development. Understanding that the people within the organization come from different backgrounds and experiences, makes us comprehend that how we communicate messages and corporate culture needs to be aligned with the language of perception to that of the recipients.

We are all aware of the IQ tests as tool to measure our IQ level, but how does one can know his EI level of competence and improve his skills?

The Emotional Quotient Inventory – EQi 2.0 is the world’s leading and one of the most used assessment tool applied for assessing emotional and social intelligence and an excellent way to understand the emotional competencies of an individual.

It is the first scientifically validated measure for emotional intelligence combined with research from premier organizations. Created by Multi-Health Systems Inc (MHS), a leading publisher of scientifically validated assessments for more than 30 years which products are sold in more than 75 countries around the world.

The EQ-I 2.0 model is consisted of 5 key elements and 15 subscales: Self-Perception, Self-Expression, Interpersonal, Decision Making and Stress Management, where every subscale describes different skill. The model examines one’s strengths and weaknesses and the report measures life and workplace performance in the 15 subscales which have proven to contribute in executing complex decisions in the personal and business environment, resolving conflicts, managing stress and planning.

The EQ-I 2.0 provides the individual with information about his emotional competence in order to determine the next step and how to become a prosperous individual and more successful leader. The EQ-I Assessment tool gives an insight of the leader’s emotional behavior and its impact, helps them to learn more about themselves, how their actions and reactions affect the workplace and the team. The goal of the Assessment is to evaluate the social and behavioral skills of each employee including the management, which will outline and give an understanding on how they perceive themselves, how they pursue meaningful objectives, express themselves, form and maintain relationships and eventually how they make decisions and handle stress.

The Assessment doesn’t only point out the areas that need improvement, but also creates a detailed plan on how to improve them, what do we need to change in our perception and reaction to the environment around us and the impact of those developments.

Square One Business Initiatives in collaboration with CoREACH, is hosting a five-day seminar, from 2nd to 6th November, led by Ms. Reem Aljizawi, the founder of CoREACH and Social and Emotional Intelligence certified coach. Upon completion of the course, the attendees will be awarded with EQ-I 2.0 certification, and become locally and internationally licensed EQ-I 2.0 Assessor.

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