What is birria taco? Where can you find it in Bahrain?

Birria tacos are mouthwatering, IG-worthy and offer some sense of adventure because they’re something most of us have never tried before!

In our search for some great lockdown eats, we found Taco Muchacos – a food truck located near El Mercado Mall in Janabiya. The taco truck offers delicious Birria tacos for BD3.7!

Birria is a Mexican stew whose history can be traced back to Jalisco. Traditionally, the stew is made with goat’s meat but there are also variations that only use beef. It’s traditionally served in a consomé broth along with a mixture of cilantro and white onion.

Birria tacos (tacos de birria) are made of the braised meat inside a tortilla that’s been pan-fried (the tortilla is usually dipped in the broth). The beef is layered with a generous amount of cheese and topped with cilantro, lime and onion!

These tacos are served with a side of the rich birria broth that you can use to dip the tacos into or just sip in between bites.

We recommend that you try this goodness at least once! If you know any places that also sell some bomb Birria tacos, let us know in the comments section so we can check it out!