What are the benefits of yoga?

Yoga is an ancient practice that involves movement and breathing techniques. Regular practice contributes to overall physical as well as mental well-being.

Practicing yoga helps with mobility, flexibility, endurance, building strength in addition to boosting energy or promoting relaxation.

Here are some benefits of practicing yoga.

Improves flexibility

Yoga poses work by stretching and loosening the muscles. Holding in a pose for a few rounds of breath allows the muscles to relax and stretch. You may be able to notice an improvement in your flexibility in as early as the first month.

Improves strength

Yoga is a strength-based practice. Many people misconceive yoga as not a real workout as it doesn’t involve any weight lifting or traditional cardio. However, it requires strength and will definitely challenge your balance and coordination.

Boosts energy & mood

It is a known fact that movement and physical activity promotes energy. Yoga postures help increase energy and reduce fatigue. This also is a great mood booster – as any workout is.

Helps with back pain

As yoga is a gentle practice, it can be used to help relieve back pain. Stretching and strengthening the muscles can also improve posture.

Promotes relaxation

Yoga helps loosen up the tense muscles in the body thus promotes relaxation. The combination of stretching and breathing can help relax the mind and body.