We reviewed the popular burgers of Southside Burgers at Hamala Hills!

There’s a trending burger place in Hamala Hils… Bahrain Confidential checks what the hype is about!

If there’s one thing we can all agree on in life, it’s that NOTHING beats the taste of a really good burger. Located at the heart of Hamala Hills, Southside restaurant has a retro vibe and a comic book like menu of good things to eat. We checked the place out after seeing videos of their ‘Slidezilla’ tower of sliders on Instagram!

Southside prides itself for being the island’s first retro games restaurant. As soon as we arrived, we were greeted with large cutouts of the restaurant’s characters: Low Rider, Hotzi, Buffalo Bill, The Mac and Bubba Q (each character has a corresponding signature burger!). Nostalgia slowly sneaked in as we inspected the small space – old school board and video games were on display along with a clash of Mexican decors.

Before we knew it, the burgers came rolling out of the kitchen. We sampled the crowd favorite series, ‘Monster Edition’. Options included the ‘Slidezilla’, ‘Cheezilicious Burger’, ‘The Mac Attack’ and ‘Thug Life’ (that comes with a free thug life shades!). Our favorite though, was the original ‘Buffalo Bill’ burger which is also their best seller!

Aside from the mouthwatering burgers, Southside also has a bunch of power platters and sides like fries, corn, nachos as well as desserts and mocktails.

In the end, we definitely agreed with their tagline… so delish!

For more information: @southside.bh | +973 3945 2016