Wait, Olive Garden Might Be Making Its Own Makeup Palette

In the newest edition of things we didn’t expect to happen, Olive Garden could be stepping into Kylie Jenner territory. The restaurant tweeted a photo of a makeup palette this week, and it’s got some amazingly cheesy, Italian food-themed names. See: Alfredo Awesome, Royal Ravioli, and Spaghetti Sparkle eyeshadows, plus Breadstick Bronzer and Marinara Rouge. You know, exactly what you expect to see while doing your makeup in the morning.

Twitter followers were surprisingly on board with the news, and they had some pretty amusing feedback for Olive Garden’s social team: Some suggested the palettes ought to smell like the foods they’re named after, while another recommended adding a breadstick-shaped makeup brush, which honestly might make this whole thing worth it.

Sadly, (or thankfully, depending on your perspective), it doesn’t appear these palettes will actually be in stores any time soon. In a Twitter response, Olive Garden wrote this: “It doesn’t exist just yet. Just in our dreams…”

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