“Virtual Bahrain 2020” conference, exhibition begins today

The “Virtual Bahrain 2020” conference and exhibition will begin today from 10am. The event has been organised by WorkSmart for Events Management in cooperation with Bahrain Technology Companies Society (BTECH).

WorkSmart CEO, Ahmed Al Hujairi said that the conference will focus on several key topics related to the digital transformation post-coronavirus (COVID-19), such as the continuity of education and e-learning, rapid primary digital health response, and how to manage digitally the supply and demand for food products. In addition, the opportunities for commercial activities’ digital transformation, the safety of cashless transactions, cyber threats, and real-time modern media coverage will be reviewed.

“This is a two-day virtual event in which an elite group of prominent local, Gulf, and regional personalities will highlight various achievements Bahrain has accomplished during the coronavirus pandemic, and how other sectors can benefit from such experience to enable them to address the challenges of today’s ‘new normal’, to ensure the continuity of work according to the highest quality standards,” Al Hujairi said.

He stressed that the conference highlights the role of each sector in strengthening its efforts to effectively sustain their work and overcome the crisis without much impact.

It also aims to encourage digital transformation in the public and private sectors and to inspire business owners to continue their businesses, despite the difficult circumstances, as well as encouraging start-up businesses, especially in the digital field.

The event will be attended by business owners from the technical sector, including CEOs, heads of departments, and directors, in addition to decision-makers, innovators, media professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors from Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Oman, and the UK.

WorkSmart invites all those wishing to participate to register via the website vbahrain.hubilo. com/community.

An exhibition will be held alongside the event, with the participation of more than 50 exhibitors and over 500 delegates from major government entities, ICT companies, hospitals and medical centres, e-commerce establishments and retail companies, schools, universities, training institutes, factories, food distributors, and banks.