Vegan in Bahrain 2021: Our Top Picks!

Written by Atharie Al Salem

Are you interested in going plant-based? We’ve got you covered! Check out our curated list of the best spots to visit to get your plant-based power.

Raw Candy

This urban spot serves up the best of vegan cuisine at Almoayyed Tower in Seef district. Their menu features a diverse array of dishes, including delectable sourdough pizzas, non-dairy soft serve with a deluxe toppings bar, ooey-gooey guilt free cookies, and fully loaded sandwiches and bagels to get you through the day. The quality of their food is excellent with gluten-free, organic, soy-free, and refined sugar-free options for every allergen in the book, and they also do custom orders for diabetic patients.

You can head down to Raw Candy anytime between 8am to 9pm and thank us later, it is surely going to be a frequent visit for anyone who tries it. *Chef’s kiss*

Unicorn Noms

The newest plant-based eatery in town is a hybrid vegetarian-vegan concept nested in the popular District 1 mall in Janabiyah. You can find this charming café with a display of their unique pastries of all kinds at the shop window, mostly sourdough and gluten-free, yet SO delicious! Perfect for grabbing on the go. Each pastry is buttery without the butter, sweet without the refined sugars and filling without the food baby afterwards. Their menu is super fun for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

They serve up dishes with faux chick’n (don’t knock it ‘til you try it!), boba drinks, croissants, vegan eggs benedict, and so much more. Unicorn Noms is releasing a fall menu to commemorate the season including a signature pumpkin spice latte, pecan pie, and pumpkin pie soft serve. If you’re feeling festive, head down and try out what they have to offer.

Mana Café

Mana Café, Bahrain’s first superfood café, is situated in Moda Mall at Gate 9. As soon as you enter, you will feel as if you were in a woodland fairy’s living room. The music is soft and subtle, the tables are tree trunks, and the seating is all small and compact, so that you can get up close and personal with all their mystical smoothie bowls, nourish bowls, salads, and tonic potions. They have keto options and suit almost all dietary restrictions with their high-end clean components.

The menu features some funky ingredient names, that are meant for healing and traditionally used in ancient medicine, namely Ayurveda. Ever heard of ashwaganda, spirulina or shilajit? Neither did we until we tried out their food, which is decadent and nourishing, such as their truffle mushroom pasta or the famous Roberto rocket smoothie bowl.

Vedge Café

Do you have a sense of humor? Do you like yummy food? Then don’t look any further than Vedge in District 1. This spot has raised a lot of eyebrows in Bahrain for its hilarious marketing and seriously amazing food that works for the average person that follows any lifestyle. It’s a flexitarian spot that offers mostly vegan bowls and their one-of-a-kind in-house protein called seitan (not Satan) turned heads. It’s flavored in many ways such as shawarma style, yakitori style, or even Bahraini tikka style. Vegans and non-vegans alike can enjoy their dining area to host study groups, play board games, or join one of their events that they host every other month such as the stand-up comedy show accompanied by their iconic mural featuring Pikachu holding a Bahrain flag and Godzilla in a scene of all things random.

They’ve also won a Bahrain Food Excellence Award 2021, and kudos to that, making them a must-visit spot for anybody that loves a good helping of tasty plants.


This District 1 spot redefines elegance with their sumptuous creations. They have edible chess boards, edible roses, and a variety of gourmet chocolates, cheeses and cakes that you can purchase in sets or catering for big events. Pamchal is also available at Bahrain Duty Free, and it is a stand-out spot for us for their creativity and presentation.

When you stop by, grab yourself a flower corsage and revel in the fact that you’re literally eating chocolate masterpieces.

Anais Café

Hala Plaza is home to Anais, a comfortable and welcoming spot with a huge menu of comforting dishes to choose from. Their most eye-catching item is their colorful raw vegan cakes. These creamy clean-cut slices have a rich taste and are bursting with flavor, resembling cheesecake but made exclusively with nuts and fruits. It’s a perfect place for relaxed gatherings, catching up over coffee or sitting on your own to read your favorite book.

Try Anais for a distraction-free afternoon and get your fill of what it’s like to be a whole foods plant-based vegan.

Honorable mentions:

Here are some places with some bangers for vegan options, even though they’re not completely vegan restaurants. Perfect for groups with different dietary choices!

Shahnameh restaurant

If you live in Bahrain, and you love grills, Persian food, or are looking to try something outstanding in general, Shahnameh’s veggie kebab is a must-have. I would say if you’re looking to try anything from this list, this is what you should go for. Visit their Budaiya restaurant and dig into this huge portion of meaty goodness, along with mixed Persian rice, you won’t even believe it’s vegan.

Peroz Healthy Eatery

If you’re stuck in the office and need a satisfying lunch, look no further than Peroz Healthy Eatery, a calorie conscious ghost kitchen on Talabat. Their beyond meat vegan burgers are juicy and unctuous, especially “On ‘Yer Mind” with some added vegan cheese.

Cantina Kahlo

Looking for a classy vegan date spot? Cantina Kahlo, the popular Mexican restaurant at the Ritz Carlton Hotel offers an immaculate plant-based menu to its patrons who call in advance and request vegan options. Their succulent portobello mushroom tacos were a star on the table and earned their excellence through their full menu of scrumptious ethnic dishes.


Raazjii is a restaurant nested in the cultural part of Muharraq, by the Sheikh Ebrahim cultural center. They recently introduced a fully vegan Bahraini breakfast, vegan karak as well as a fully vegan grills set in their new menu of plant-based offerings. Take a stroll down the traditional pathways and stop for a meal with family and friends!

Being vegan isn’t so hard in Bahrain anymore, with such an amazing variety of cuisines to try from. Don’t wait any longer and try out these bountiful dishes for yourself, the island has much to offer to those in search of cruelty-free finds.

Atharie is a multimedia student with a passion for communication and design with a special interest in motorsports, social media and the arts.