Unwavering Dedication: William Fily of The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain On Transcending Excellence


William Fily, Director of F&B at The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain offers a deep dive into the art of fine dining and hospitality. With a passion for creating memorable culinary experiences, he shares his insights on the standards that ensure excellence at the luxury five-star hotel. From his illustrious journey in the hospitality industry to his favourite dining spots in Bahrain, this conversation delves into the dedication and creativity that define one of Bahrain’s premier culinary destinations.

Voted among Bahrain’s 41 Best Restaurants, Cantina Kahlo and Nirvana join a series of culinary offerings at the luxury 5-star resort in Bahrain. Nirvana offers authentic dishes, including kebabs and grilled seafood, accompanied by live traditional music. Cantina Kahlo offers exceptional Mexican cuisine with traditional dishes paired with an impressive variety of craft beverages.

In your opinion, what makes a restaurant special?

A restaurant’s charm lies in its atmosphere, enlivening the senses. A genuine, warm welcome from the moment they walk in; the anticipation of unexpressed wishes, timely service, and unwavering product excellence, all in a cozy, relaxed ambience.

What are some of the new dining concepts you’re excited about at The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain this year?

Our newest venue, “Café Gourmandise,” truly lives up to its name. It’s a cozy café in the corner, offering exquisite and trendy food paired with ultimate handcrafted beverages. As for what’s to come, I’ll let you in on a little secret… we’re enhancing our Italian restaurant, Primavera, right after summer. However, that’s about all I’ll share for now. We’ll give you all rendezvous for the official reopening that will be announced very soon. An enchanting Italian experience awaits our patrons this September.

How do you ensure your restaurants always meet the highest standards?

We invest in endless training opportunities for our Ladies & Gentlemen, ensuring continuous learning and growth, providing product knowledge and empowering them to deliver exceptional experiences to our guests. Also, our unwavering dedication to delivering excellence in both our offerings and services ensures consistency and upholding the highest quality standards in our operations. This commitment to excellence begins with our recruitment process, ensuring alignment with our values and standards.

What are your thoughts on Bahrain’s F&B sector?

Bahrain’s food and beverage sector is both blessed and highly competitive, offering a wide array of options. Here, diners can enjoy an unparalleled culinary journey, where a fusion of local, regional, and international cuisine offers an unlimited palette of aromas and flavours to captivate every taste bud.  A United Nations of Culinary Culture, I would say.

Tell us about your journey in the hospitality industry and how it led you to The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain.

At the age of 16, my journey in the world of luxury hospitality began as a valet in summer, at a Palace in the heart of Paris. Coming from a family of restaurateurs in Brittany, France, it was my calling to join the industry.

As a passionate hotelier and restaurateur, I bring extensive experience and innovative insights to our team and continuously strive for excellence. Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of working with celebrity chefs and managing Michelin-starred restaurants and ultra-luxury properties around the world, leading me to join The Ritz Carlton, Bahrain to continuously enhance guest experience and customer service to new heights.

What are your favourite places to eat in Bahrain?

I am very proud to be leading the Food & Beverage division, and the diverse culinary offerings we provide from all around the world. Additionally, I love to visit Bushido and enjoy the Teppanyaki experience. However, during my leisure time, I enjoy going with my wife to the local Fish Market at Al Hidd and preparing a family meal with my favourite French recipes.

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