Have you tried the Churrasco dining?

The newly opened Wyndham Garden Manama Hotel Juffair that houses 8 diverse restaurant outlets is a ‘Must Visit’ destination in the Kingdom. We recently visited Via Brasil, located at the roof top of Wyndham Garden Manama Hotel Juffair, offering the panoramic view of the island.
As the name indicates, Via Brasil is a Brazilian style restaurant based on the Churrasco cooking style. The word ‘Churrasco’ means ‘barbeque’, and the guests can have all-you-can-eat barbeque at Via Brasil.

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Upon arriving in the restaurant, the cheerful and lively Chef Guilherme Reis welcomed us with all his warmth. His passion for the restaurant and the dishes was clearly visible in the brief conversation. The kitchen staff were busy marinating fresh meat cuts and processing them into the barbeque.

“Everything is delicious, but have more and more of Flanke Steak, Chicken Drumsticks marinated in mustard, and Beef Tenderloin with Parmesan cheese and herbs crust.” The Chef advised us before moving into his favourite haven.

The restaurant offered the majestic night view of the island. Stars glittered above on a clear sky and the lights glowed below. We enjoyed the splendid view overlooking the Al Fateh Grand Mosque as we relaxed and enjoyed our drinks. Ms. Lynda, the friendly Passadore (meat waiter) explained the Churrascaria dining experience in detail.

“The Churrasco style charcoal will arrive in the next month. You are welcome again for the more authentic experience.” Chef Guilherme informed us with a warm smile at the end. We enjoyed the fantastic night view of the island for a bit more time before the return.

Churrascaria Dining Experience

The Churrasco cooking style owes its origin to the re roasts of the Pampa region in the Southern Brazil. This concept is combined with the Brazilian style rotisserie, where the salads, cheese platters, cured meats and Brazilian side dishes will be arranged at the Salad and Sides bar for the selection. The Passadores will serve the meat cuts straight from the skewer at your table.

During the course, there will be a green meat sign on your table. Once you are satis ed with the re roasted meat cuts, turn the meat sign to the red side until you are ready for more offerings. Soon, the meat cuts arrived at the table sliced and served by the Passadores. There was no pause as varieties of meat followed in a queue and the meat sign remained green.

The Chef can never go wrong! Whoever had the Beef Tenderloin certi ed that it was the best that they had ever tasted and the pieces almost melted in their mouths.
One by one the meat sign turned to red at the table after many serves. The pineapple slices marinated with cinnamon culminated our Churrascaria dining experience on a sweet note. We ended the meal with the signature desserts from the chef.

Our Comments


-Authentic Brazilian dining
-The Best Churrasco dining experience þ Splendid skyview guaranteed
-Friendly Chef and staff
-Best location in the island
-Reasonable pricing for the service


-Less options for Vegans and Vegetarians

For more information
Tel. +973 6631 6666 | wyndhamgardenmanama.com


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About the Chef

Chef Guilherme was born in 1982 in a countryside city Marilia of Sao Paulo state in Brazil, started his career at a local Brazilian churrascaria for about 2 years in the year of 2004.

His passion for the churrascaria concept and the culture coming from ages ago, made him think globally and expand his horizons developing and working in the concept abroad.

In 2006 he moved all the way to Toronto in Canada to hold a position of Grill Master in a well-known churrascaria and about 3 years later he decided to start his adventure in middle east countries where he contributed to develop the concept in Bahrain, Jordan, until made a move to InterContinental Abu Dhabi award winning Chamas Churrascaria as Chamas Outlet Chef, where he spent 7 years accumulating awards such as Time out Awards, Ahlan Magazine, Whats on Middle East and Fact! Magazine, as well guest’s satisfaction for his Brazilian food made with passion.

On September 2017, Chef Guilherme joined Wyndham Garden Manama as Chef de Cuisine to overlook the pre-opening stages as well to head the Via Brasil Churrascaria where he will contribute for the success and endless flavoring dishes served on guests table.

Chef Guilherme also loves to spend time travelling around the world to meet and discover the art of the culinary of different countries and cultures.