Tips for eating out in Bahrain by the Hungry Fifi

The first question most people ask are what are the essentials to try in Bahrain.  So here are my 3 must-try meals to try:


  1. Everyone knows about the delicious shawarma’s available here, but what they don’t know is that there are even better lamb chops. Riyash, as they are locally called, are marinated in a distinct black lemon flavour and cooked to perfection. Stop by a number of local tikka places and they will have lamb chops on the menu.


You can order by the dinars worth and what will be served to you is a parcel of freshly baked local khobz bread with around 4 lamb chops tucked inside and some herby ‘bagal’, which is a cross between a chive and a spring onion. You’ll want to make room for the bread, which is perfect for mopping up the meat juice.


  1. A traditional Bahraini breakfast is a must-have and over time you might even find it replacing your craving for a fry-up on Friday mornings. Stop by many local eateries for this, including Haji’s, Saffron or Emmawash. You’ll be given an array of dishes including ‘balaleet’ a sweet vermicelli noodle with eggs on top, a herby fava bean mixture called ‘foul medames’, spicy home-made baked beans called ‘louba’, a local staple of scrambled eggs mixed with plenty of tomato and of course lots of freshly baked ‘khobz’ breads.


A breakfast like this will normally set you back only a 3 to 4 BD, a bargain for all the feasting you will be doing!


  1. We’ve dealt with what to eat, but what should you drink when in Bahrain. Easily one of the most popular drinks is Karak chai. This sweet tea is a staple in homes, offices and cafes and has a spiced aroma from the cardamom flavour.


If you try karak and love it as much as we do then, grab a jug and head to the many karak shops for them to fill it up for about 1 bd and take it with you back to your home or office. Watching your sugar intake? Just ask for it to be a bit less sweetened. 


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