This shop serves snowflake ice creams!

You could never go wrong with ice cream on a hot sunny day. Frioo Creamery ( serves some unique snowflake ice creams, bringing a whole new concept to the table.

Not to be confused with shaved ice cream – snowflake ice creams are thinner and smaller and have a different texture.

They also serve popsicles and soft serve ice creams in different flavours including one with a Bahraini touch called “3skreem la” which is a Sambosa halwah flavour with a mini samosa filled with sweetened grated pistachio or almond.

You can pair these up with their shakes, juices, or warm beverages.

Their timings are:

Sun to Wed (3PM – 11PM)
Thur to Sat (3PM – 12AM)

Click here for location.