This Portuguese creative agency received a gold medal at the international A’Design Award!

Impactplan Art Productions is a creative agency that develop artistic projects, founded in 2012, in the city of Águeda, Portugal. They currently work in several cities and countries around the world, which make up a vast portfolio of clients.

They are creators and promoters of the Umbrella Sky Project — an innovative artistic concept that consists of the aerial suspension of colorful umbrellas that captivate all the people that pass in the streets where they are.

In addition to this installation, they have several other themes such as “Tropicália”, inspired by the Amazon rainforest, and the “Bubble Sky” inspired by soap bubbles, but the one they want to highlight is called “Golden Dots Invasion” — created especially for The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain, in 2019.

The inspiration for this installation was the subjective beauty of the legend about the Midas touch. The one who has “the touch of Midas” has the ability to make something prosper and turn everything into gold.

With that in mind, they decided to create a tunnel covered by 1,000,000 golden dots that rotate with each other with the wind, giving a completely different perception of space. Hidden in the middle of the golden dots, are about 3,000 meters of golden led light curtains that illuminate the night, creating a fantasy world that involves everyone who passes by.

This golden tunnel led to the nomination for the A’Design Award competition in the category of “Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design”. This worldwide design competition aims to give recognition to designers and innovative companies.

The Impactplan Art Productions was one of the winners of the gold medal in the category.

No Portuguese artist has won this award in a long time!

More details of this grand prize can be found here.

A portfolio of several worldwide projects and an art shop accessible to all, can be accessed on their official page.

To request a quote for the execution of projects, email hello@impactplan.pt.

Join their colorful movement on their social networks: @impactplanartproductions