This local business ensures that your things are sorted!

We recently caught up with Maryam Al Khalifa, Founder of “Sorted By M”, Bahrain’s “neatest” new Instagram feed.

The account started mainly after a push from Maryam’s friends & family’s wanting her to share the tips about having an organized space. With time, the account grew as people started asking for services, and safe to say, it is today a local business.

“The aim behind my business is to provide people with strategies to transform whatever space they need into their dream organized space using systematic and organizational goals while also incorporating the aesthetic factor. I highly believe that if you make a space look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing while organizing it, you will be more likely to keep it organized.” says Maryam.

Q: Is Marie Kondo-ing a thing in Bahrain? Are you a fan? 

A: As far as this question goes, I’m 50/50. I do believe that Marie Kondo has very useful tips & tricks, especially her file folding method for clothes which I also use after her, I also feel like her lifestyle is not 100% attainable and not everyone is willing to live the minimal lifestyle especially in our side of the world. I feel like there should be a stepping stone between the two lifestyles before going fully minimal. So, in short, I feel like for our region, her methods should be tweaked a bit until people grasp the new way of life before fully transitioning. 

Q: What is your vision for the brand?

My vision is to try and provide each person with what their idea of organized is and how it works with their day to day life. Organization isn’t a one size fits all. Which is why consultations are very important to me, it is where I learn your daily schedule and create a plan then design a system to better suit your exact lifestyle.

Q: What is the range of your work?

A: I provide virtual consultations for the time being because of COVID-19. I also have a line of products all customized/personalized. From planners to vinyl labels. Vinyl labels can be sold separately or can be sold already on your chosen organizational product.