This is not your usual healthy eatery in Bahrain!

Eating better doesn’t have to mean eating blander. Luckily, Bahrain has Peroz – a healthy food concept where you can get mouthwatering dishes without the guilt (and without breaking the bank).

Peroz simplifies healthy eating without compromising on quality and taste. Its menu celebrates a return to basics – where every dish is prepared fresh with clean ingredients. But don’t let this make you underestimate Peroz!

The eatery serves up some of the most delicious meals inspired by international cuisine – from delicious bowls to guiltless grills, it’s basically a conscious eater’s paradise!

The brand has an interesting story; Peroz Agha, co-founder of Peroz, traces this to her humble beginnings in the journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

Peroz Agha

“I slowly started cutting things out of my life that was unhealthy and started making food choices that were healthier, cleaner and more fulfilling. Shifting my diet took me a year – not to lose weight but to transform my lifestyle slowly. This change was not about how I looked at myself in the mirror, much rather what I was trying to change within, to be a more confident me. I have curated a meticulous selection of all the healthy food choices that helped me get through some of the most challenging phases of my transformation – and it’s a little eatery called Peroz”, she said.

Furthermore, Peroz wants to break the misconception about healthy food being expensive. With food items ranging from BD1 to BD3.7, anyone will be able to indulge in their cravings without compromising on the nutritional value and flavor. The menu consists of grills, rice bowls, sandwiches, salads, burgers and more.

Still unsatisfied? There are refreshing concoctions and indulging desserts on the menu, too!

If that’s not enough to wow you, Peroz will also feature various experts to talk about body positivity, fitness, mental health, nutrition and healthy living in general. These sessions can be accessed through their Instagram page.

PS: Anytime is always a good time to start a healthier lifestyle. Start yours now by ordering online from Peroz!