Features, The Ramadan Guide - April 9, 2023

This Hotel in Bahrain is Gifting Iftar Boxes to Commuters in Juffair


Hilton Bahrain has taken a unique approach to extending its hospitality during the Holy month of Ramadan. As part of its Travel with Purpose strategy, the hotel distributed Iftar boxes to car drivers passing through Juffair.

The initiative, launched on the first day of Ramadan, was aimed at spreading joy and kindness among commuters during the Holy month.

“At Hilton Bahrain, we believe that hospitality is not just about serving guests within our hotel. It’s about extending the light and warmth of hospitality to the wider community, especially during special occasions such as Ramadan. By gifting Iftar boxes to car drivers in Juffair, we wanted to show our commitment to the community and spread positivity.”

Tamer Farouk, General Manager, Hilton Bahrain

The initiative has received an overwhelming response from the community, with smiling commuters receiving their Iftar boxes.

The hotel has also launched several other initiatives, like the Iftar gathering and Gargaoon celebration with different local societies, to make the month a memorable experience for its guests and the community.

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