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This Hospitality Leader’s Initiative is Empowering Bahraini Talent!


For Sajid Ebrahim Abbasan Albalgha, a Bahraini bellman at the upscale Hilton Bahrain, an opportunity to further his aspirations came as a heartwarming initiative. Driven by the hotel’s General Manager, Tamer Farouk, the “Coffee with GM” initiative placed him one-on-one with his team, learning about their passions, ambitions, and areas of support.

Reaping the benefits of the initiative, Sajid was supported by the GM who arranged a full scholarship to pursue higher education at one of the universities in Bahrain.

For a leader who believes in the power of personal connections and individual growth, Tamer Farouk’s “Coffee with GM” initiative recognizes talent. Farouk initiated this program to ensure that every team member feels valued and heard. Through these one-on-one sessions, he creates an environment where employees can express their thoughts, share their aspirations, and discuss their professional growth.

By engaging in one-on-one conversations and actively listening to his team members, the GM is fostering a culture of trust, collaboration, and personal growth. The initiative provides a platform for team members to express their aspirations, share their challenges, and receive guidance from a leader who cares. By offering scholarships, mentorship, and guidance, Tamer empowers these individuals to realize their full potential.

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