This Filipino duo is creating aesthetic dance cover videos around Bahrain!

Filmed across different locations in Bahrain, ELYSSIAN’s dance cover videos are a vibrant mix of energetic rhythm, cool choreography and fantastic cinematography. Just recently, Bahrain Confidential spoke to the young duo about their videos, inspiration and a whole lot more!

Tell us a bit about yourselves – who are you and what inspired you to create this initiative?

Liyette: We are ELYSSIAN, a Filipino dance duo in Bahrain, and we create dance videos on YouTube. We are teenagers who want to showcase our talent through these videos while also showing the world the hidden beauty of Bahrain. This started with a single video for a dance competition, however, we loved the idea of starting a channel where we could show people our passion for dancing.

Keith: We got inspired by people dancing and showcasing their talents in public in other countries. We noticed that there hasn’t been anyone making dance covers while exploring beautiful sceneries in Bahrain. We thought we could try sharing our talents while showing people everywhere, the country’s beautiful and Iconic places.

What do you aim to achieve through these dance covers?

Liyette: We initially wanted to gain experience and develop our skills by dancing in public. But through time, we started to love the fact that we get to inspire other people. We may not have a lot of subscribers but through our videos, we aim to inspire them to still do what they love even though we are experiencing a pandemic.

Keith: We aim to show people that doing what you love by starting it can be bigger than you expected. Notice how you are getting better day by day.

What makes your videos special?

Liyette: Our videos are special because of how we not only show our skills but our country’s scenic locations as well. Not a lot of dance videos explore the sceneries of their country so we decided to be the first ones to make them in Bahrain. We also get to showcase our skills in editing videos. Editing and creating them ourselves make our videos special to us and all our subscribers.

The videos we make would not have been possible if it weren’t for our family’s support along the way. They are the ones who help us film in these locations and even design our dance outfits. Our moms and dads have been giving their full support since the start and that’s what we are thankful for. Mayette and Kim, our mothers, are the ones who make our videos special.

Keith: With the use of our videos, we get to show both our skills and the country’s magnificent locations that others might not see yet. We also want show people that our country has a lot of beautiful places that will leave you in awe.

Do you have any messages for aspiring performers?

Liyette: If you have a passion for something, just go for it. Share it to the whole world even. If you are determined, nothing could hinder you from doing what you love, not even a pandemic. Keeping it to yourself will get you nowhere and that’s exactly what I told myself before we started ELYSSIAN.

Keith: Don’t always be afraid to try something new. Regret will be the most powerful enemy but making way for what you love doing will take you to places. People are dazzled by talents; so showing everyone what you love to do and what you do best can give you more confidence and motivation.

Where can our readers check your videos?

All of our videos, dance and vocal covers, can be watched on our YouTube channel, ELYSSIAN. We also have an Instagram account where we post our dance videos and sneak-peak or behind-the-scene photos.

Instagram: @elyssiancovers