Swiss-Belhotel Seef just launched their weekend family lunch that spans over Friday and Saturday for all the families who like to get in their quality time, buffet style! 

The wide, open space of the restaurant was very refreshing to sit in, and as soon as you enter you are greeted by the most hospitable servers that guide you to your table. It’s a perfect setup for the whole family to fit in and dine together while taking in the Bahraini cityscape and daylight. 

The French ambassador to Bahrain at the event
Starters being served at our designated table 

The lunch was based off a South-European theme with a Moroccan twist, serving up a diversity of food cuisines in this fusion style dining experience. The waitresses of Swiss-Café Restaurant were dressed in Moroccan traditional dress, and their newly announced executive chef, Chef Younes personally greeted every table seated on that Friday afternoon. 

Chef Younes at the launch 

The buffet was served per the Ministry of Health guidelines, where the ALL the food comes directly to your table, made fresh and without the fuss of walking around carrying dozens of plates, you receive the appetizers, entrees and desserts one after the other. They had many items to select from including seafood, tagine and many vegetarian selections. Perfect for those with an international palate! 

Set of appetizers starring the Moroccan Zaalouk Salad 
Moroccan tagine with pitted prunes 

As the lunch went on, the lively atmosphere with music and conversation floating in the air was accompanied by the pleased faces of guests of all nationalities. This lunch truly brought together that holistic cultural cohesion we were missing from buffets and social gatherings. Making the most of this, they also introduced a theatrical pasta station, a crowd favorite at all buffets has got to be live cooking. Is it really a buffet if you aren’t teetering over the chef’s workstation making demands? Of course not! 

You don’t have to be sleeping at Swiss-Belhotel Seef to be able to enjoy this family lunch experience. For just 8.9BD net you can make your way up to the 10th floor from 12:30 onwards to dine in with your loved ones at the Swiss-Café Restaurant to start your day right and end it on a sweet note. 

Swiss-Café Restaurant’s dessert offerings 

Cheers to the weekend, you can look forward to a lunch worthwhile at this new concept here on the island, where you can never get enough of family lunchtimes. 

For bookings and reservations, call 6631 0041 or WhatsApp 3388 5991.


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