This canal project is set to open in Bahrain soon!

The Dilmunia Canal project is set to open to the public. The 1.7km canal is the Kingdom’s largest manmade water canal, stretching from the Dilmunia Marina in the north to Dilmunia Garden in the south. With a variety of water features, including waterfalls, innovative water jets and dancing colored fountains, this iconic venue will be a focal point of the island.

The star attraction of Dilmunia Canal is the seawater-operated fountains which will create dazzling shows and choreographies by means of elegant and dynamic water jets against the backdrop of more than 1200 color-changing LEDs. There will be two musical fountains spread over more than 100-meter-long with  multimedia fountains, which comprises variable height water jets that dance in synchronization with the music. Varying in width from 15 m to 35 m and stretching along the 1.7km length, the Canal will host, in addition to the dancing multimedia fountains, waterfalls and different water features: dancing “Palm Tree”, bubbling Jets and VarioJets, adopting the latest technologies in the field, which can create five different water patterns.

Upon completion, the Dilmunia Canal , encompassing the Canal Walk, will feature a high-end waterfront retail district where residents and visitors can enjoy shopping and dining in a vibrant community atmosphere. It aims to be a premier family-friendly venue for events ranging from food festivals, to art exhibitions and sports competitions.

Dilmunia Canal provides a central link between the island’s districts and is surrounded by public promenades, boardwalks, event plazas, and viewing decks. Walkways and bridges are strategically located across the canal, allowing visitors to admire distinctive water features such as the Waterfall crossing.

The Dilmunia Canal will cross by existing projects like the CanalView and Hanging Gardens, two mixed-use projects constructed on the Canal edges and will meander around the Mall of Dilmunia, a destination by itself for the facilities and shopping experiences provided to visitors. A unique family-centric mall and entertainment facility that opened in April 2020.