This cafe serves cookie coins and chocolate falls!

Every dessert experience is made more enjoyable when the food look just as interesting as they taste. Woodbury & Co. NY nails it when it comes to fun-looking dessert.

Check out their popular Chocolate Niagara Falls!

They just recently added DREAMSICLES to their menu. You get 3 icecream popsicles, cookie lava, and strawberries and marshmallows on the side. Sure sounds like a dream…

We’re all familiar with chocolate coins. Ever heard of cookie coins?

There’s just no such thing as too much chocolate at Woodbury & Co.

They’ve got plenty of refreshing beverage choices too!

They have branches in Busaiteen, Budaiya, Salmabad, and Isa Town. They are open from 3:00 PM to 1:00 AM.