WHERE TO EAT? - May 14, 2024

This Bahraini Pizzeria in Aali is Serving Delicious Slices of New York-styled Pizzas


Someone call George Lucas – a new Empire has us pledging our allegiance to them! Step into Empire Pizza, a dainty & cozy pizzeria in the heart of A’ali. With their unique flavours and divine homemade dipping sauces, you can forget about just having one slice; in no time, you’ll find yourself back at the counter ordering more!

Our Social Media expert, Yara Bahman recently embodied the spirit of a food blogger, her quest beginning with a quaint little Bahraini pizzeria in A’ali. Bringing a fresh new take to the New York-styled pizza concept, Empire Pizza is worth checking out, if you haven’t yet.

The dainty little pizzeria has a warm and homely vibe and their sauces are prepared in-house. Try their Pepperoni and Black Truffle – we recommend it!

Empire Pizza is open to walk-ins and pickups only. Their timings are:Weekdays 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm Thursdays & Fridays – 6:00 pm – 11:00 pmContact: 77090105

Featured Image Credits: Empire Pizza (via Instagram)

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