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This Bahraini Artist’s NFT Was Featured in the First Women of the World Exhibition in New York!


The annual Non-Fungible Token (NFT) event in New York featured Bahraini artist, Leena Al Ayoobi‘s Holy Dilmun! For the first time, the NFT NYC event witnessed an exhibition titled Women of the World – featuring a collection of NFT artists representing all seven continents. Al Ayoobi’s artwork was featured as part of the Asia collection at the exhibition.

The exhibition showcased over 130 women-identifying NFT artists from around the world.

Leena Al Ayoobi, NFT Artist and Founder, Dar Alfann Gallery

The artwork, inspired by the ancient Dilmun civilization features a woman holding the holy mask of the bull’s head. The writings in the artwork depict an ancient Dilmunian poem.

Al Ayoobi’s feminine perspective is depicted in all of her digital art, interspersed with Bahraini folklore.

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