This Bahrain home-based kitchen is selling mouthwatering grills!

Make no miSTEAK and check this home-based kitchen that we’ve discovered through Instagram! As usual, we were trying to find mouthwatering concepts that we can share with you and we stumbled upon @thesteakers’ page.

Launched in September 2020, The Steakers was founded by three guys who have a passion for cooking and a skill for grilling, BBQing and smoking beef. According to the founders, they wanted to share their expertise while also satisfying people’s bellies and souls. Scroll down for some more info about them…

Their best sellers:

Brisket, tomahawk, and pastrami.

What makes their dishes special:

Each cut of meat is prepared with utmost care and importance by The Steakers. Most of their items take long hours to cook, particularly pastrami and salt beef (both of which take about a month from start to finish)! 

They believe that their dishes are special because of their uniqueness and the manner in which they’re complexly simple. Here’s a breakdown of their dishes and the inspiration behind them:

Texas BBQ (brisket, ribs, chicken): all smoked on low heat until they are tender and fall apart. They tend to stick to tradition in doing these dishes but their unique touches give them that special edge.

Deli sandwiches (pastrami, salt beef): the inspiration for these sandwiches comes from New York and London’s finest delis. Again, they stick to tradition by keeping them deliciously basic with their own special touches. These sandwiches will either make you nostalgic or introduce you to a new world of flavor!

Smoked lamb/goat: think of it as ghoozi 2.0, just taking it to the next level, that’s what makes this dish special. 

Steaks (Tomahawk/prime rib): their Tomahawk has been coined “The Steakers’ hidden gem” and “the bride of The Steakers”. It is unique in the manner in which it is cooked –  it is a process that involves smoke and fire, giving it that unique flavor that, arguably, you wont find anywhere else in Bahrain.

How to order:

The Steakers operate on a pre-order basis (Tuesdays and Fridays only). Alternatively, you can order any day for some menu items if placed 48 hours in advance. Orders may be placed through direct message on Instagram or by contacting 3553 5501.